Another Russian poem

Yesterday David Bernstein told me about a modern Russian poet Vera Pavlova.
I looked at her poems and found them absolutely delightful. One of them seemed patricularly relevant to our presidential campaign, and I could not hold myself from translating it into English.

By sacred books of God’s commandments
the men of power (for heaven’s sake!)
bashfully covering their smallish members,
are burning women at the stake.
The women are screaming, writhing, struggling,
Consumed by flames at their feet…
Let go of your ax, my treasured darling,
You’re not the one to blame for it!

Vera Pavlova 2005

The Russian original from

Установленьями священными
стыдливо прикрывая пах,
мужчины с маленькими членами
сжигают женщин на кострах,
и женщины визжат и корчатся,
едомы медленным огнём…
Оставь топор, моё сокровище, –
ты совершенно ни при чём!

Вера Павлова 2005


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